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Layla's a content writer for Gossip magazine. She'll hate that I'm saying this, but she's power hungry. She's desperate for advancement. She's going straight to the top and won't let anything stop her.


Aaron's a world apart from Layla. He's a stay at home father and his life revolves around his children and wife Chelsea, a corporate lawyer. Seems boring to me, but he's happy.


Me? Well I'm just living my dreams. I've been travelling the world solo, writing for my blog, Miles Covers Miles and ticking off items on my kilometre long bucket list.


What brings the three of us together, you wonder? Well, we didn't have a choice. None of us planned to come here. Here sucks. It's colourless, blank, plain, bare, white. Absolutely everything is white! Well, it was, until I figured out how to get rid of it...


The three of us have been stuck here for a while now; we had to do something to pass the time. So I decided to borrow Layla's bossy personality trait and I told her she had to write all of this drama down. She did a pretty good job, but she can't have all the credit. I helped a little.


This is the story of The White, a bit of love, some life, some death and a strange obsession with tomato sauce. If you wanna know what happened to us you'll have to read it. 













I'm from a small beachside town in NSW, Australia. 

I like eating chocolate and watching Netflix. 

FACT: 0.6% of the female population is colour blind.

I'm in that 0.6%, which makes me a rare specimen.  








Miles is my favourite thing about The White.

He loves adventure. He hates pickles.

He favours gross humour and the great outdoors.

His blog MilesCoversMiles is one of the most followed blogs on the internet. 







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