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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

©2018 by Madeline Drew.

I'm a young adult fiction author. I spend all my free time snuggled up in bed, listening to music, drinking tea, and turning thoughts into words on my MacBook.

The White

Instalment #1 The White Series

Layla's a content writer for Gossip magazine. She'll hate that I'm saying this, but she's power hungry. She's going straight to the top and won't let anything stop her.


Aaron's a world apart from Layla. He's a stay at home father and his life revolves around his children and wife Chelsea, a corporate lawyer. Seems boring to me, but he's happy.


Me? Well I'm just living my dreams. I've been travelling the world solo, writing for my blog, Miles Covers Miles and ticking off items on my kilometre long bucket list.

The Grey

Instalment #2 The White Series

Miles is now our resident writer. I’m yet to read a single word he’s written. I’m not sure Layla’s made the right choice in handing him the reins. I fear he’s made a mockery of our story, but there are more pressing matters to worry about. 


We’re having to deal with The White turning grey, casting an air of despondency over us all. 


What’s next? The only person who knew has departed. 


Our story of The White continues with an unexplained scar, one fearful spleen, a field of sunflowers and the Devil Woman. 

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If you know me personally, you'll agree, I've always had a lot to say. In fact, getting me to stop talking is a difficult task. Getting me to stop writing, well that's even harder.

About Madeline

I worked as a bookseller before I was a writer. I spent my weekends selling books to keen readers and then one day became a keen reader myself.  I loved feeling connected to the characters I met in various young adult novels.


Part of me felt envious of my favourite authors, I wanted to do what they were doing. That's why I decided to write my first novel.