The White

Instalment #1 in The White Series




Layla's a content writer for Gossip magazine. She'll hate that I'm saying this, but she's power hungry. She's desperate for advancement. She's going straight to the top and won't let anything stop her.


Aaron's a world apart from Layla. He's a stay at home father and his life revolves around his children and wife Chelsea, a corporate lawyer. Seems boring to me, but he's happy.


Me? Well I'm just living my dreams. I've been travelling the world solo, writing for my blog, Miles Covers Miles and ticking off items on my kilometre long bucket list.


What brings the three of us together, you wonder? Well, we didn't have a choice. None of us planned to come here. Here sucks. It's colourless, blank, plain, bare, white. Absolutely everything is white! Well, it was, until I figured out how to get rid of it... 


The three of us have been stuck here for a while now; we had to do something to pass the time. So I decided to borrow Layla's bossy personality trait and I told her she had to write all of this drama down. She did a pretty good job, but she can't have all the credit. I helped a little.


This is the story of The White, a bit of love, some life, some death and a strange obsession with tomato sauce. If you wanna know what happened to us you'll have to read it.






Meet the characters.

Miles Young

Miles is a sarcastic joke lover and solo world traveller. Despite the fact that everyone he meets is drawn to him and his bouncy personality, he likes to keep to himself, most of the time. Miles is a surprisingly successful, slightly famous, travel blogger. His blog Miles Covers Miles is followed by avid readers all over the world. Read his blog.


Layla Lewis

Layla's one of those girls who never gives up on her dreams. She's a content writer for Gossip magazine and her goal is to be the best. She won't stop until she's earned her place at the top of the career ladder. She's a bossy, workaholic, drama queen. She loves too much, trusts too easily and has an outrageously large clothing selection.


Aaron Thompson

Aaron's a family man. He loves deeply and passionately. On the outside he's an excessively handsome, well presented, charming man. On the inside he's a big ol' softie, who would do anything for his children, even if it means forgiving ultimate betrayals. 





Reader reviews.

"First of all, absolute snaps to Madeline for creating an original and unique concept. I’ve never read a book with an even remotely similar premise… The characters she has written are from all walks of life: different ages, different ambitions, different fears and different flaws.  Whether you are in your early teens or an adult, The White will offer you a unique look and appreciation for life, death and love."  - Elke H


"I couldn't put it down, it was so different! Looking forward to The Grey."  - Audrey D


"Madeline has created characters who have very real flaws, who don't shy away from them but instead embrace them. She captures the complicated mess that families can be whilst still showcasing the best of humanity."  - Nicole T


"The characters felt real and they did things that a normal person would do in that type of situation."  - Isaac M


"I couldn't put the book down. It's easy to read but it makes you think of the whole story as we piece it together." - Sam D 


"Such an original idea, I’d never heard of anything similar to this before. The story was so interesting and unique."  - Hayley M


"From the first few moments, I was hooked. I felt a connection with every single character in one way or another. Throughout the whole journey I felt like I was there with them. If that's what it's like when you die, count me in!" - Andrew B



"Thank goodness there will be a sequel! The characters are so well developed and unique. The plot takes all sorts of twists and turns and leaves you guessing and wanting more. I can never quite figure out what to expect next. Absolutely loved it and recommend everyone have this book in their collection." - Ashley W 



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