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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

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Tomato Sauce, Sunflowers and The Devil Woman

December 9, 2018

Fair warning:

This is a long blog post.


This blog is essentially just a big soppy thank you to everyone who has supported me so much as I write these books. I can already tell I'll be thanking in a round-about way, but stick with it...

I'm writing this blog with actual tears in my eyes because I can't believe that I've now released TWO novels into the world. There was a time where little ol' me hadn't ever really considered what it would be like to share one of my novels with you all. Now I've done that twice.


It's the best feeling. 

It's also terrifying.

Those who know me have read my books and then proceeded to tell me how much of myself they see in the pages. This is because my biggest inspiration is my own life and experiences. Sometimes, just to mix it up, I put in something inspired by my family or friends, but mostly it's all me. 


I think my favourite part about writing is what I learn. I'm learning so much the more I write.


I learn more about myself.

I learn more about my characters.

I learn more about this story that I'm quite literally making up as I go. 


My good friend Andy was reading The Grey recently and he said to me that he didn't see "it" coming. I was like, "yo, I didn't see it coming either!" 

This is 100% the truth. There are so many things that happen in my novels that makes me just go WOAH. These words unravel before my eyes and all of a sudden I have a chapter that went in a completely different direction to what I'd planned. 


This journey started with The White.

I can't really think of a better way to explain this:

When I wrote The White I was in a weird state of mind.

I wrote The White as a distraction. I wrote it to escape the world around me. I spent over a year turning a one page sample into a full length novel. I made up my characters and somehow you readers enjoyed those characters.

So I kept writing. 


I wrote The Grey.

The Grey changed me.

Most of The Grey was written at a time when I thought the world was ending. Now I read back and I see the grief inside the pages. My heartache is woven into the words and it's between almost every line. I feel brand new and reading The Grey is refreshing. There's beauty even in the sadness.

It's a book that reminds me that no matter how low you get, you can blossom again, and when you do, it'll be the most rewarding feeling. 


This blossoming brings me to what I'm working on now...

The Black.

I'm a little over 13k words into the final book of this series and let me tell you, it keeps getting better! There's a special someone I have to thank for that. My very own Aaron. He knows who he is. His presence in my life has helped me to write some of the most meaningful things in this entire series. 



I just did a quick re-read of this blog thus far and I see I have achieved my round-about way of thanking you all.


Hows this:


To every single person who has ever liked my posts, shared my posts, talked about my books, shared a selfie with my books, attended a launch party for one or both of my books, purchased my books, read my books, loved my books, even hated my books.


To every single person who laughed when I'd intended you to laugh and cried when I intended you to cry (sorry about that)... 


To every single person who takes time out of their lives to read the world I created and then takes further time to reach out to me with your thoughts, comments and questions.


Thank you.


The fact that you've done those things means so much more to me than I'll ever be able to explain.


Even if you didn't do these things for me, I'd still be writing - it is after all, my favourite thing in the world. But the fact that you're all doing these things makes achieving my dreams even more satisfying. 


I hope you'll always enjoy this as much as I do.






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