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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

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Aaron & Harrison Thompson

September 17, 2018


Well, hey..


I feel like I should put Aaron and Harry in the same blog and I'm very sorry to anyone who hasn't read The White yet and considers this as a spoiler.


I guess you should just stop reading this and go buy the damn book so you don't have to feel spoiled by this post!



Oh Aaron. 

He's the me I know I will one day become. 


Family is SO important to me.

Family is everything.


I know when I'm grey and older that family will be the only thing that keeps me going. Like Aaron, I know one day when I have kids of my own I will find myself forgetting how I feel just so that they can have the life they deserve.

When writing Aaron the one thing I had in my mind was that Aaron just had to be all about family. It didn't matter what Aaron was put through, he will always stay for his family. 

He's a strong man.

That's why I called him Aaron. 

Don't ask why I think Aaron is a strong name.

I just do.



What does he look like?


Just read the book to 'see' what he looks like cause I still haven't been able to settle on a visual for Aaron. 

He's polished, HELLA ATTRACTIVE, perfectly groomed. 

He's perfect.

Does anyone have a photo of what they imagined Aaron looks like?

If you do, share it with me!



So, Miles was going to be the one who was obsessed with Tomato Sauce... but then I realised Aaron has this gorgeous son and he's just so sweet and it would be the perfect quirk for that sweet little kid to be obsessed with Tomato Sauce.. all of a sudden Harry found himself with a large part in The White... 



The chapter introducing Harry to The White was one of the first chapters I wrote and it's one of the chapters that changed the least during my many drafts.


Little Harrison was nearly named William.

But I decided against that because my sisters son (my nephew) is named William and I didn't like the idea of looking at Little Will and thinking about my book character and his tragic death.


Like with his father, I still haven't decided what Harry looks like...


Actually, that isn't entirely true... but unless your name is Nicole Thompson or you happened to be a beta reader for The Grey I'm not going to show you what my Harry looks like...



I also just want to make a point of saying that the surname Thompson came from my best friend and editor Nicole. 



Anyway, that's enough about Aaron & Harry.





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