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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

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Miles Young

September 2, 2018

Well, hey..


I'm continuing on with my posts about my characters and this time I'm doing my ALL TIME FAVOURITE PERSON EVER (can I refer to a character as an actual person?) --- Miles Young


*Insert heart eyes emoji here* 


Family members who have read The White say that they are positive I have based Miles' weird humour off my brother Mason and uncle Mark.


They're probably right. 


You see, I wanted to make sure that my three main characters were all largely made from my own personality traits, after all, it is easier to write what you know. 

But when it came to Miles I realised the more I wrote him the more he was turning into one of those people who crack stupid jokes and can't let a moment pass without being a clown. 

This isn't really me. 

I'm not funny.

I'm really UNfunny. 

I try to be funny all the time but it doesn't work.

But my brother and uncle are funny. 

So they got to have a bit of input on this character, even though I may not have realised it until it was pointed out to me.


Anyway, Miles is my favourite.

I love him far too much. 

Part of me wants to date this character and the other half wants him to be my best friend. 

I just wish he was real...


You should look out for The Grey (it's coming soon)..

The Grey will really give you an insight into who Miles is and maybe it might even help him become your favourite character too. 



Why is Miles like me? 


Miles can talk to ANYONE but he finds it hard to really connect and make friends whom he can trust with his secrets.


Miles either wants to be surrounded by people 24/7 or left in solitude for days on end - there's no inbetween. 


Miles runs away from his problems - more specifically he gets on planes and never faces his problems - this is something I would do if I were more brave.


Miles isn't sure how to handle himself, he has huge doubts about himself and he questions who he is every danm day of his life... but he's still no closer to figuring himself out. Like me. 


Miles is a lot less like me than Layla is, I guess Miles is the me I want to be... or wish I was?


Brave, (kinda) funny, witty, easy-going, tall, well travelled and with a heart of gold.



Why is he called Miles?


I named Miles after my favourite character from MTV show - Underemployed.


Actor Diego Boneta played Miles in Underemployed and I have a 10/10 crush on him. He is essentially a prettier version of my Miles. 



What does Miles look like? 


As I've said before - The thing about fiction is that the writer might give you some hints, but ultimately, you decide.


I think:


Tall. Very tall. 

Long hair, twisted into that man bun. (You either love it or hate it!)

A little rugged? 

Messy facial hair hiding soft features.


To me, he is this, but with longer hair.





One of the biggest parts of Miles is his blog - Miles Covers Miles 


In 2016 I went to Argentina.

This is where I found most of my inspiration for Miles. 


I decided the best way for me to get to know Miles (and therefore write him better) would be to write some of his blogs. 


Go read it - Miles Covers Miles



Anyway, that's enough about Miles.





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