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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

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Layla Lewis

August 31, 2018

Well, hey..


I've found myself with a bit of free time at the minute..


I should be spending it working on the blurb for The Grey or starting the first draft of The Black, but instead I'm going to do a blog series about my characters. 


I'll be starting with Layla because surprisngly, she's the character people question me about the most.



Some things people ask about Layla:



Where did the name come from?


Naming her character was the easiest part. I wanted a name that was feminine because part of me always felt like my own name wasn't feminine enough. Layla on the other hand, well it's got a pretty ring to it... 


Layla was also a character that I LOVED to HATE from the TV show NASHVILLE. 


Her surname Lewis is simply because I wanted her to have matching initials and Lewis was the first surname starting with L that I thought of. 



Why does Layla work as a writer for a magazine? Why isn't she a ficiton writer like you? 


She may be based on my bad traits, but she is her own person. 


Layla craves validation and she wants to be at the top of the career ladder, fiction writing is too lonely of a career path for her, she's more competitive than that. 


Layla is one of those girls that always wanted to be admired by others, and I think she thought she would be if she wrote articles for the biggest magazine in the country. 



Why did you decide that Layla was going to be the 'writer' of The White?


At the time of writing The White, I felt as though Layla was the character I could relate to the most. I considered writing as another character but decided Layla was more suitable for where I was at that point in my life.. That being said, perspectives change...



Why did you pair her up with ______ ? 

*I don't want to post spoilers here*


I didn't intend on having any romantic relationships in The White but it just naturally happened that Layla was attracted to a certian character and it just fell into place, so I let it happen. 



What does she look like?


This is a weird question for me because I think my idea of what Layla looks like is probably very different to what someone else thinks she looks like. The thing about fiction is that the writer might give you some hints, but ultimately, you decide. 


Here's the closest picture I've found. It's not perfectly accurate because I think Layla would have a full fringe and she probably wouldn't have such a round nose... 




How is it that I LOVE HER SO MUCH but also HATE HER SO MUCH? 


Hmmm. It's probably because she is made up of all of my worst traits. 


She's bossy. 

She's self absorbed. 

She's a little clueless. 

She's a work-a-holic and forgets how to enjoy herself.


Writing her character has been one of the hardest AND easiest tasks ever. Does that make sense? No? Oh well.



Anyway, that's enough about Layla. 





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