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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

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Emily & Sean Bishop

June 2, 2019


Well, hey..


It's been a while since I posted. Have this to fill the silence:


Fun fact: I love twins. 

I've kinda got an obsession with twins. Twins are a reoccurring theme in most of my writhing. They're always forming key characters. 


I was going to have the twins in The White be two females so that I could name them after my cousins, Isabelle and Ebony, but then I decided I wanted Emily to have a brother instead. I couldn't pick just Isabelle or just Ebony, so I chose Em. 



Emily existed before Sean, so I'm gonna write about Emily first.


There's always a boss when it comes to siblings. Someone who is the rule setter and the rule breaker. Someone who has the loudest voice. Someone who takes joy in bossing around the other person.


Emily is the boss.


A girl I know who is a red haired model and aspiring actress has unknowingly inspired the visual for Emily. I nearly named Emily after this girl but then I decided Emily was more of an Emily...


If the stars aligned and The White Series became a TV show or a movie (a girl can dream...) I would cast this girl I know in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even need her to audition. 



What does she look like?


She's a cutie, that Emily.

Fire-engine red hair.

It's the most important part of her visual.

This image probably isn't as red as I think her hair is, but I can't be too picky. 

Every other feature is pretty spot on. 

Soft eyes, a gentle smile. A button nose that you just want to 'squish'. 





Sean, you clumsy thing. 

That's pretty much the only thing about Sean that I'm certain of..

He's clumsy.


There's this post that I always get tagged in by my friends, it goes something like this:


There's two types of writers.

1. Writers that know absolutely everything about their characters, even tiny obscure details that no one would ever think of asking.

2. Writers that know nothing about their characters and find themselves genuinely surprised when the character suddenly does something. 


I'm the first type for almost all of my characters except for Sean.

Sean seems to do whatever the heck he wants and all of a sudden I've finished a chapter and I'm sitting there thinking "Sean, what are you doing? That wasn't what I'd planned!!!"


It's a little annoying that Sean keeps doing whatever he wants but I also really like this about him because it gives an element of surprise that I otherwise don't get to have when writing characters that I created.



What does he look like?


Something like this:






Anyway, that's enough about The Bishops. It's cold and I need to go and make a cup of tea.





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