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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

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Alice Hunt

April 5, 2019

Well, hey.. 


Don't read this if you haven't finished The Grey yet, because otherwise you'll be wondering why I'm placing so much importance on a character that was hardly there in The White...



Alice is my favourite character in The Grey because she helped my favourite character in the entire series (Miles) put his emotional trauma to rest. 


I probably sound crazy, but I really do think that writing Alice helped me get over my own hurt. Whilst my hurt was far more trivial in comparison to Miles, it felt good to put it to rest as I wrote that final chapter. 


One door closes and another door opens. Miles may not realise right now that there's a new door waiting for him, but I know there is. There was for me.


I'm happy now, so whatever. 

This blog isn't about me. 

It's about Alice.

And Alice is the best. 



Why I named her Alice.. 


I know an Alice.

I work with an Alice. 

Alice was named after Alice.


I have a document on my computer which is FULL of character plans. I call it my character bank. When I get bored I start coming up with characters that I can use in later novels. The character bank has over a hundred little snippets of a characters visual and personality traits. Some characters are named, some aren't.  


I was writing The White and I realised I needed a female character who could die in a shark attack... so I went to my character bank and started looking for a character that I could write into The White. 


I found "unnamed character" and I was reading what I'd written for her (I'd probably written this around 4 years earlier) and I realised I was literally reading a visual representation of Alice whom I now work with. 


Real life Alice is a bit of a beach babe herself... It wouldn't be hard for me to write a character based on her.


So that's that.

I had to name that character Alice and I was going to use her in The White. 




What does she look like? 


I'm not going to go posting a photo of the real Alice because that's a bit weird for the real Alice. Instead, here's a photo of some other blonde who could be Alice if she had longer hair. 




Why sunflowers?


*If you haven't read the book, this won't make sense.


Sunflowers for two reasons:


1. They are my best friend Nicole's favourite flowers.

2. I think yellow is a colour of happiness and that's what Alice (character Alice) did for Miles and I; she made us happy again. 



Anyway, that's enough about Alice. 


Point is, I like her.






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April 5, 2019

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