Madeline Drew

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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

©2018 by Madeline Drew.

Paperback 6x9in - 15x23cm 


Instalment #2 in The White Series


Miles is now our resident writer. 


I’m yet to read a single word he’s written. I’m not sure Layla’s made the right choice in handing him the reins. I fear he’s made a mockery of our story, but there are more pressing matters to worry about. 


We’re having to deal with The White turning grey, casting an air of despondency over us all. 


Meanwhile, I’ve found myself moonlighting as a grief counsellor. This is not a result of experiences endured since death. This is the result of life traumas that were carried to the grave.


What’s next? The only person who knew has departed. 


She left behind too many questions and not enough answers. Though, my five year old son Harrison appears to know more than he’s letting on. Given his recent revelations, I believe we’re about to connect the dots.


Our story of The White continues with an unexplained scar, one fearful spleen, a field of sunflowers and the Devil Woman. 


The Grey - Paperback