Madeline Drew

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Madeline is a 26 y/o young adult fiction author from Port Stephens, Australia.

©2018 by Madeline Drew.

I've been writing young adult fiction for a little over ten years.

I was fourteen when I wrote my first novel. After I finished the first manuscript ideas just kept coming. I was writing every chance I could get. When I finished High School I completed a Diploma of Creative Writing, it helped me realise that being an author is a dream I couldn't possibly give up. I now have at least thirty story ideas laying in wait, I'll get through them all, one day!

I write in an unconventional way...

I do 99% of my writing from the comfort of my bed. It's probably not the most ergonomic option, but I'm most inspired when I'm comfortable. 

My bed is a combination of pink and grey blankets and throw cushions. I currently have eleven cushions and five blankets on my bed. It makes for the cosiest writing quarters!

These are a few of my favourite things:

Childhood book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Authors: Cathy Glass, Jodi Picoult & James Marsden

Fictional series: The Tomorrow Series 

Fictional character: Ellie Linton of The Tomorrow Series

Harry Potter book: The Order of the Phoenix 

Harry Potter characters: Snape, Hagrid, Molly & Neville

Music: Taylor Swift, Miguel, Shawn Mendes, INXS

Colour: White, black & pink

Food: Chocolate, pasta & pizza

Season: Spring or Autumn

The most interesting thing about me...

I can thank my father and grandfather for giving me my best party trick; my colourblindness.

The form of colourblindness I have is called strong protanopia.

Most colours are hard for me to identify. My colour vision is dependent on lighting, my mood and how tired I am.

Only 0.6% of the female population is colourblind, which makes me a rare specimen!